OAM : WLST commands reference


To manage OAM related components, such as authorization providers, identity asserters, and SSO providers

Access Manager WLST Commands

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OIM 11gR2PS3 : Error “java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (“javax.management.MBeanTrustPermission” “register”)” while integrate OAM – OIM

Problem :
User getting error “java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (“javax.management.MBeanTrustPermission” “register”)” while running “idmConfigTool.sh -configOIM input_file=OIMconfigPropertyFile” for OAM-OIM integration. Continue reading

Unable to start managed server using Nodemanager – SecurityProvider service class name for OAMIDAsserter is not specified.


Error “SecurityProvider service class name for OAMIDAsserter is not specified” while starting managed server from weblogic admin console. Node manager is up and running.

Below has been logged in managed server log
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OIM – OUD Ldap sync – attributes like obpasswordchangeflag, obpasswordexpirydate not created

We have integrated OAM-OIM-OUD. LDAP Sync has been enabled between OIM and OUD.
When we create an user in OIM , it creates user in OUD without password management objectclass and attributes like oblogintrycount / obpasswordchangeflag / obpasswordexpirydate. Continue reading

OIM : How to Roll back a Published Sandbox


An sanbox has been published with some UI cahnges. And users were seeing blank screen after login.


Problem is with published sanbox, we can follow below steps to rollback the published sanbox in OIM 11gR2 + versions

1. Login to Enterprise Manager
2. In Application Deployments click o  oracle.iam.console.identity.self-service.ear
3. Right click on Application Deployment and select MDS Configuration from drop-down.
4. Click on “Runtime MBean Browser” under the Advanced Configuration. Continue reading