How to install .rpm file as non-root user

Unable to install .rpm as non-root user in linux using “rpm -ivh somebinary.rpm

We can use below command to install as non-root user. Continue reading


Sqldeveloper Connection import failed with error oracle.jdevimpl.db.adapter.DatabaseProviderFactory1212

Import connections.xml from 12c to 11g environment throws error “Missing class: oracle.jdevimpl.db.adapter.DatabaseProviderFactory1212Continue reading

How to Decrypt SqlDeveloper connections passwords

To recover password we need two files named connections.xml & product-preferences.xml .
Above files can be available in below locations

On Windows :
%APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system*\o.jdeveloper.db.connection*\connections.xml
%APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system*\o.sqldeveloper*\product-preferences.xml

On Linux :

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How to assign a Privileged Port to OHS

Problem :
Unable to assign port 80 & 443 to http & https respectively in OHS, which is running on Linux environment. Below error logged in OHS logs

[VirtualHost: main] (13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443

On a UNIX system the TCP/IP port numbers below 1024 are special in that only processes with root privileges are allowed to listen on those ports. Continue reading

OIM 11gR2PS3 : Error “ access denied (“” “register”)” while integrate OAM – OIM

Problem :
User getting error “ access denied (“” “register”)” while running “ -configOIM input_file=OIMconfigPropertyFile” for OAM-OIM integration. Continue reading

OAM : Error while starting servers – Failed to start Service “Cluster” (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_JOINING)

Problem :

Error while starting OAM servers in clustered environment. Below error has been logged while starting up the servers.

(thread=Cluster, member=n/a): This member is not authorized to join the cluster. Rejected by Member(Id=1, Timestamp=2017-06-29 12:53:04.123, Address=, MachineId=1901, Location=site:lda,machine:OAMHOST01,process:916, Role=WeblogicServer).> 
(thread=[ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '0' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)', member=n/a): Error while starting cluster: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start Service "Cluster" (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_JOINING)

All the nodes must have a valid and identical Well Known Address (WKA) list. An empty WKA list will prevent the nodes from forming a cluster. Continue reading