How to Configure OUD to accept SSL using a Self-Signed Certificate

Need to enable SSL for OUD with self-signed certificate.

Steps to create SSL self-signed certificate for OUD (

1. Prepare keystore directory:

cd /u01/mwOUD/asinst_2/OUD
mkdir config/sslv101
touch sslv101/
chmod 666 config/sslv101/

Add password to above file. In my case, I have added P@ssw0rd to file. Continue reading


OIM – OUD Ldap sync – attributes like obpasswordchangeflag, obpasswordexpirydate not created

We have integrated OAM-OIM-OUD. LDAP Sync has been enabled between OIM and OUD.
When we create an user in OIM , it creates user in OUD without password management objectclass and attributes like oblogintrycount / obpasswordchangeflag / obpasswordexpirydate. Continue reading

OIM 11gR2 PS3 – LDAP incremental reconciliation Issue – LDAP: error code 53 – Invalid syntax of the provided cookie]; remaining name ‘cn=Changelog’


When running LDAP incremental reconciliation job, it fails with error says “Failed : java.lang.Exception: Invalid syntax of the provided cookie

LDAP_Recon_error Continue reading