How to Decrypt SqlDeveloper connections passwords

To recover password we need two files named connections.xml & product-preferences.xml .
Above files can be available in below locations

On Windows :
%APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system*\o.jdeveloper.db.connection*\connections.xml
%APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system*\o.sqldeveloper*\product-preferences.xml

On Linux :

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OIM – OUD Ldap sync – attributes like obpasswordchangeflag, obpasswordexpirydate not created

We have integrated OAM-OIM-OUD. LDAP Sync has been enabled between OIM and OUD.
When we create an user in OIM , it creates user in OUD without password management objectclass and attributes like oblogintrycount / obpasswordchangeflag / obpasswordexpirydate. Continue reading

Configure Java External Authentication Plugins in OID 11g

Assume that we have configure AD-OID user synchronization using DIP. And for password, we are going to configure external plugin, which will authenticate against AD.

Set Environment variable

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$ORACLE_HOME/ldap/jlib/oidexcfg.jar:$ORACLE_HOME/ldap/jlib/ldapjclnt11.jar

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