How to reset Weblogic Administrator password

Need to change weblogic password.

Steps to reset/change weblogic password:
1. set environment variable like MW_HOME, WL_HOME, CLASSPATH
2. Delete data directory under <DOMAIN_HOME>/servers/AdminServer
3. Take backup of *.ldift <DOMAIN_HOME>/security
4. run “java weblogic Dev@1234 .”
5. Update with new password and start

export MW_HOME=/u01/oracle/mw
export WL_HOME=/u01/oracle/mw/wlserver_10.3
export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/u01/oracle/mw/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/weblogic.jar
java weblogic Dev@1234 .


Execution of above steps:

oracle@iamserver:~ > export MW_HOME=/u01/oracle/mw
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ > export WL_HOME=/u01/oracle/mw/wlserver_10.3
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ > export DOMAIN_HOME=/u01/oracle/mw/user_projects/domains/iamDomain
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ > export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:WL_HOME/server/lib/weblogic.jar
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ > cd $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer
oracle@iamserver:~ >
oracle@iamserver:~ AdminServer > mv data data_old
oracle@iamserver:~ AdminServer > 
oracle@iamserver:~ AdminServer > cd ../../bin/
oracle@iamserver:~ bin > ./
oracle@iamserver:~ bin > 
oracle@iamserver:~ bin > cd $DOMAIN_HOME/security
oracle@iamserver:~ security >
oracle@iamserver:~ security > mkdir ORIG
oracle@iamserver:~ security >
oracle@iamserver:~ security > cp *.ldift ORIG/
oracle@iamserver:~ security >
oracle@iamserver:~ security > java weblogic Dev@1234 .
oracle@iamserver:~ security >
oracle@iamserver:~ security > cd ../bin/
oracle@iamserver:~ security >
oracle@iamserver:~ bin > ./
oracle@iamserver:~ bin >


Update file with new password and start server


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